Arithmetic Skills

Arithmetic Skills - Problems

This is the Arithmetic Page. Below you will find free arithmetic problems for the placement test in math.

The arithmetic section of the exam contains seventeen questions.

The questions on this part of the test evaluate your knowledge of basic arithmetic and arithmetic functions.

Our math practice tests contain math questions like those you will see on the real examination.

Here is a free sample from the arithmetic section of our math download.

Example 1:

Practical math problems are usually expressed in words.

A basketball team had 60 games this season and lost 40 percent of them. How many games did the team win?

A. 12

B. 24

C. 36

D. 40

Example 2:

For division problems, you must do long division until you have no remainder. Look at this problem.

144 / 32 = ?

A. 0.222222

B. 4.5

C. 22.2222

D. 45

Example 3: The CPT also has long multiplication problems like this one.

6.83 × 5.2 = ?

A. 3.5516

B. 35.526

C. 35.516

D. 355.16

Arithmetic Skills - Solutions

Solution 1:

The correct answer is C.

For this problem, you must do multiplication to determine how many games the team won.

However, be careful. The question tells you the percentage of games the team lost, not won.

So, first of all, we have to calculate the percentage of games won.

If the team lost 40 percent of the games, we know that the team won the remaining 60 percent.

Now do the multiplication:

X .60

Solution 2:

The correct answer is B.

You must do long division until you have no remainder:


Solution 3:

The correct answer is C.

Tip: Be careful with the decimal point positions when you do long multiplication.

Here is the solution.

x    5.2

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