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Since the skills assessed on the PERT are the same as those assessed on the CPT, the practice exercises on this website will also help you prepare for the PERT test.

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If you are taking the PERT, you should also take the PERT Practice Test.

What is the format of the PERT Test?

The PERT test is similar to the CPT in many ways, although the format of the PERT exam is slightly different than the CPT.

The PERT covers three skills: reading, writing, and math.

Like the CPT, it is computer-adaptive, meaning that the computer chooses an easier or more difficult subsequent question based on whether your response to the previous question was correct or not.

Accordingly, be very prudent when answering questions on the PERT. There is no time limit, so take your time.

Easy questions are worth fewer points and will lower your score.

On the PERT Test, you will see math questions that are almost identical to the CPT.

However, the PERT has slightly more questions on coordinate geometry and graphing than the CPT does.

The reading part of the PERT Test has passages that are slightly longer and that contain more questions than the CPT.

Most of the PERT reading test is like the CPT, but on the PERT you will also be asked questions about the organization of a text and the meaning of words within the context of the passage.

In addition, you will be asked a few more inferential reading questions on the PERT than on the CPT.

Inferential reading questions are those that ask you about the author's tone, assumptions, attitude, or audience.

Inferential reading questions may also ask you to draw conclusions based on what has been implied, but not directly stated, in the reading text.

The PERT writing test covers the same aspects of grammar as the CPT, but the format of the PERT writing test is quite different than the CPT.

On the PERT test, you will be asked which sentences can be added to or removed from a passage without affecting its meaning.

You will also be asked to place sentences within a paragraph in their correct order.

Finally, there will be gapped sentences in which you need to place the best word from the options provided.