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Reading Comprehension Passages and Answers

You will find a reading comprehension placement test for your college entrance exam on this page.

In the reading section of the test, you will read a passage and answer comprehension questions based on information that is contained in the text.

Our free study guide will help you learn how to answer each of the question types included on the reading comprehension test.

Here are some free samples from our reading comprehension download:

Reading Comprehension Passage 1:

Around the world today, more than a billion people still do not have fresh, clean drinking water available on a daily basis. Indeed, hundreds of thousands of people in developing countries die needlessly every year because of the consumption of unclean, disease-ridden water. In brief, fresh water saves lives. However, what has been understood only recently is that the provision for fresh water around the globe also protects the environment because it means that those who manage water supplies must evaluate in more detail why and how developed countries consume and pollute their available water. Without this evaluation, an ever-increasing number of individuals will continue to die from water-related diseases.

We can conclude from the information in this passage that

A. water-related disease will decline in the future.

B. water-related deaths could be avoided.

C. children are the most vulnerable to water-related disease and death.

D. developed countries manage their water supplies better than developing countries.

The correct answer is B.

The passage uses the phrases "people . . . die needlessly" and "fresh water saves lives." Therefore, it is the writer's viewpoint that the deaths could be avoided. The information in answers A, C, and D is not stated in the passage.

Reading Comprehension Passage 2:

Sir Isaac Newton had the prescience to appreciate that his study of natural phenomena was of great import for the scientific community and for society as a whole. It is because of Newton's work that we currently understand the effect of gravity on the earth as a global system. As a result of Newton's investigation into the subject of gravity, we know today that geological features such as mountains and canyons can cause variances in the Earth's gravitational force. Newton must also be acknowledged for the realization that the force of gravity becomes less robust as the distance from the equator diminishes, due to the rotation of the earth, as well as the declining mass and density of the planet from the equator to the poles.

What is the author's main purpose?

A. to analyze natural phenomena

B. to reconcile various gravitational theories

C. to identify a reservation which Newton experienced

D. to emphasize the significance of Newton's achievement

The correct answer is D.

The passage uses the word "prescience," which means insight, to describe Newton in the topic sentence. Later, the writer uses the phrases "because of Newton's work . . . we currently understand" and "As a result of Newton's investigation . . . we know today." Therefore, the writer believes that Newton made a significant achievement.

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