College Placement Test Study Guide

Information on the CPT Study Guide

You can now get the College Placement Test Study Guide for free.

For success on your placement test, you need practice tests, as well as a study guide that sums up the key points for the test.

Our CPT study guide covers all five areas tested on the exam: sentence skills, reading comprehension, arithmetic, elementary algebra, and college-level math.

It contains comprehensive examples and explanations for each type of question covered on all five parts of the exam.

If you download all three of our practice tests with our CPT math download, you will receive the College Placement Test Study Guide at no additional cost.

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Research shows that for the best CPT preparation, you need to take practice tests before your actual exam.

In addition, you need to see in-depth explanations in order to understand why the right answers are correct and why the wrong answers are incorrect.

The in-depth explanations provided on our CPT practice tests and study guide are what make our materials the best.

What's Included in the Study Guide?

The study guide has practice test questions and solutions.

It has five sections: sentence skills, reading, arithmetic, algebra, and college math.

Each section starts with tips and exam strategies for that particular part of the placement test.

Then you will see practice test questions in each section, followed by the answers and explanations.

The sentence skills part of the guide includes an extensive grammar review which is fifteen pages long.

The reading section shows you the different types of reading questions on the exam, such as main idea, author's purpose, or drawing inferences, and explains how to answer each one.

The math section has practice problems with step-by-step solutions which illustrate how to use the all of the formulas and equations that are assessed on the actual math placement test.