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The Texas Success Initiative is a special version of the college placement test for students testing in the State of Texas.

The skills assessed on the TSI exam are the same as those assessed on the CPT, so use our practice exercises on this site to help you prepare for the TSI test.

We sell our TSI materials in two formats - digital downloads and paperbacks.

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Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Path Paperback

What is the format of the Texas Success Initiative?

The TSI test is similar to the CPT in many ways, although the exact contents of the TSI exam are a bit different.

The TSI tests you in math, reading, and writing.

THE TSI is computer-adaptive, so questions should get more difficult as you go along, provided that you are answering them correctly.

If you are getting easier questions, then you should take extreme care. This usually means that you have already answered some questions incorrectly.

Easy questions are worth fewer points, meaning that your overall score will be less.

TSI Math:

The TSI Test will have math questions like the CPT.

However, the Texas Success Initiative also has questions on statistics and probability, which are not included on the CPT.

The TSI does not have trigonometry questions, while the CPT does.

TSI Reading:

The reading part of the TSI Test has passages that are slightly longer and that contain more questions.

The reading on the Texas exam also has passages from literary texts, which are not included on the college placement test.

The reading part of the TSI has a section in which you have to compare and contrast two passages on the same topic.

These compare and contrast reading passages are not included on the college placement test.

TSI Writing:

The Texas Success Initiative writing test assesses the same of aspects of grammar as the CPT, but the format of the TSI writing test is a bit different.

On part 1 of the TSI writing test, you will be asked which sentences can be added to, combined within, or removed from a passage without affecting its meaning.

On part 1 of the writing test, you will also be asked to place sentences within a paragraph in their most logical position.

The second part of the TSI is the same as the CPT test. This part of the TSI exam has questions that ask you to find and correct errors, followed by questions asking you to transform, or rewrite, sentences.

The questions on all parts of the TSI are multiple choice.

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